August 26, 2014

Teachings with Ven. Maratika Rinpoche

at Do Nga Choling Center 77 Chanternerle CH -2502 Bienne 2014


25th August Monday 2014 :  Arrival at Zurich International Airport

26th Tuesday: Rest

27th Wednesday: Practice with Sangha

28th Thursday:Practice with Sangha

29th Friday: Preparation for the empowerment

30th Saturday: ( White Tara) Chimey Phakmi Nyingthik empowerment

31st Sunday: Yangti Three Kaya empowerment (Terma of Trulshik Do Nga Lingpa)


6th Saturday:  Medicine Buddha transmission and practice

7th Sunday: Removing obstale puja, Vajrakilaya transmission and practice

8th Monday:leaving to France