Mandarava’s accomplishment in Maratika

Accomplishing Longevity in Maratika Cave

Mandarava accomplished the state of an immortal
(Pure Awareness Holder) in Maratika.

Guru Padmasambhava with consort Mandarava went together to Maratika ,the sacred power spot where the outer, inner and secret mandalas were complete.  In terms of perfect noble attributes this place was like a wish-fulfillng   jewel that surpasses any other sacred place in India for the practice of spiritual  attainment.  Guru and consort both gave rise to the mandala of the deity, and  the princess made this  offering to the Vajra Master: “In order to enter the secret path of the vajra mandala, I offer my own  body of great fortune as the Mandala  offering.”

Thus offering her own body and life, Mandarava sang this Song of Supplication to the Guru:  “Kye! O Great Pure Awareness Holder Padmasambhava, on this precious occasion, when you are about to bestow the empowerment of the precious Secret Path of the Pure Awareness Holder, by  your kindness please confer the Outer, Inner, and  Secret empowerments that ripen and mature:”

Then, from the warmth of the great Vajra Master’s forehead emerged the blessing that bestowed the Vase Empowerment.  In successive  order, he bestowed  the Secret Speech Empowerment  that give rise to the development  of all noble qualities, the Crystal Mind Empowerment that  arouses the essential  fluids  and, in order to  reveal the essential nature of  reality as it is, the Absolute Indication Empowerment of the Mind. He  bestowed the Empowerment of  Empty Ambrosia to purify the essential vital energies, the Vajra Mandala Empowerment of the Path of Union Practice, and the Great Secret Empowerment of Pure Union Practice. He bestowed the Empowerment of the Five Primordial Wisdoms to liberate the five passions. He bestowed the Vajra Master Empowerment to perfect the state of becoming a Pure  Awareness Holder.  Finally, he bestowed the Initiation that Reveals  the Pure Path of Empowerment .

Having thus ripened from all the transmissions, Mandarva obtained the noble qualities necessary to perform the generation and completion stage practices. After practicing for three months, they received a clear vision of the Buddha of long life, Amitayus, and  accomplished the state of Immortal Pure Awareness Holder. The Guru proclaimed that she was a fortunate upholder of pure awareness and that in order to eliminate any obstacles to their accomplishment, they  both  should  practice the deity Hayagriva.

They practiced the Hayagriva  Mechar  cycle from the tantra  known  as the Great  Play of the Quintessential Lotus   and  the Treasury of One Thousand  Essential  Instructions,  of  Tantra on the Union of Hayagriva and Vajravarahi.  Following this, both Guru and  consort had clear visions of  Hayagriva, whose neighing and sounding of “hum”  could be clearly heard around them thereafter.

At this point, all possible demonic and obstructing forces had been banished.  Mandarava compiled a treasury of more than a thousand extensive  and concise longevity methods, including essential pointing-out instructions.  Both Guru and consort became free from  the process of birth, old age, sickness and death, until the end of this age of ongoing existence. They appeared as the embodiment of rapture, from which they went on to accomplish the Secret Practice of Union.

When the Vajra  Master manifested himself  in the form of the slightly wrathful Guru of the Buddha family,  the princess followed accordingly.  By engaging in the perfectly pure Mandala of Primordial Wisdom, they discovered the primordial awareness of stainless miraculous display.   They gained the ability to transcend the ordinary elements, with powers that included leaving impressions on solid matter, rainbow light displays, and so  forth.  Their enlightened union naturally caused flowers  to descend from the sky  and captivated and summoned those who were oath-bound guardians of the Secret Doctrine.  These guardians were then given the  task of ensuring  that the lineage of accomplishing longevity was secure.  Even the gods, nagas, and  the gods among humans and  their assemblies offered the essence of their life without  hesitation. The Vajra Master became known as the Immortal  Padmasambhava, and Mandarava  as the Dakini Pure Awareness Holder of Immortality;  Dungmen Karmo, Maiden of the White Conch.

From The Lives and Liberation of the Princess of Zahor, Mandarava: “A Precious Garland”

For further information regarding the history of Maratika please see (ma ra ti ka-i gne yig rig azin aja lus grub pa-i gsang lam)  Pilgrims’ Guide to the Rocky cave of Maratika The Supreme Holy place of Immortality, written by Ven. Ngawang Jigdral Chokyi Wangchuk and forward by His Holiness Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche.

English verson will available soon.