Vajra Song by Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche


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By His Holiness Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche

E ma! To the east of our world Jambhudipa
There lies the pilgrimage site Maratika
The Saviour of Tibet, Avalokiteshvara
Lord of the Five Peak Mountains, Manjushri
And the Master of Kuvera’s Pure Land, Vajrapani.
Blessed by these Sublime Lords of the Three Families
The outer landscape of the earth appears
As their sky Mandala of lotus chakras
Surrounded by the eight auspicious signs and substances
In all four seasons various species of flowers bloom

The twenty four pilgrimage sites are within
In the center is the self-arisen Palace, the Long-life Cave
Within and without it abounds with precious gems
Its form is that of Buddha of Limitless Light and Long Life.
The east facing Cave is an auspicious sign of Long Life.
The south winding path signifies the increasing of glorious life
The Cave entrance is the form of a Dagam as sun and moon,
Demonstrating skillful means and wisdom of Long Life

Lotus born Padmasambhava, the embodiment of all Buddhas
Enlightened from beginingless time
For the sake of all beings Padmasambhava with Mandarava
Transformed their bodies into the deathless indestructible Rainbow Body
Achieving the immortal state of Long Life Vidyadhara

This place where they accomplished the Vase Body
Even as one reaches that spot
The 424 kinds of diseases and evil spirits
And 80,000 obstructing spirits will be subjugated
And one will overcome the army of untimely death.

Even now the trees live long in that place
We can see hear and experience
Needless to say those who meditate and practice will extend their life.
Nowhere in India, Tibet or elsewhere
Can such an exceptional pilgrimage place be found.

I, an ordinary person cannot express this Place in mere words
No one can deny the truly powerful blessing of this Place
By the prophesy of the all pervading two great Terton Lords
And the prayers from past life karmic connections
Amitayus, Protector of Boundless Life and Wisdom
Shakyamuni, Excellent Refuge Buddha
And Padmasambhava, the Saviour of the Dark Age
Consecrated and established the Maratika Monastery.

At this naturally arisen pilgrimage ground
The Doctrine of Lord Buddha flourishes in the degenerate times

The Holder of the Doctrine, Lord of Tibet
His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso
The pervading two great Terton Protectors
And all great sublime Rimey Masters
May their bodies become indestructible Vajra Bodies
May their speech continuously turn the Wheel of Secret Dharma
And may their great work of Dharma be accomplished.

The general World, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan
The great Kings, Ministers, subjects and ordinary beings
May their Dharma and glorious activities
Dependently increase like the waxing moon.

In particularly myself and all beings
May our precious human life be extended
And our particular Dharma wishes be fulfilled
And finally the Saviour Lord Amitayus
Inseparable with Immortal Padmasambhava
Being in his actual presence
May the auspicious increase in all directions
May this Power Place be auspicious spread and flourish.

By the request of my brave student, Venerable Lama Ngawang Chophel Gyatso, who has a mighty heart for the great work of Dharma.   According to prophesy he established the first Buddhist Monastery at Maratika,  adorned with patience and bearing the hardship of body speech and mind.

I Dzarong Trulshik Shatrul Ngawang Chokyi Lodoe has written The Vajra Song, Melodiously Praising Maratika, during my Long Life Retreat at Maratika on the 13th day of the waxing moon of the 11th month in the Water Pig Year.


For further information regarding the history of Maratika please see (ma ra ti ka-i gne yig rig azin aja lus grub pa-i gsang lam)  Pilgrims’ Guide to the Rocky cave of Maratika The Supreme Holy place of Immortality, written by Ven. Ngawang Jigdral Chokyi Wangchuk and forward by His Holiness Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche.
English verson will available soon.