The current status of Maratika monastery

Presently Maratika monastery is in poor condition with cracks appearing in the walls, some of the building needs to be completely restructured. The monastery also lacks a water supply and toilet facilities. Lighting also needs to be installed in the main chapel. The monks living quarters is a few minutes walk down Avalokitesavara hill from the monastery itself. The accommodation is simple yet severely lacking in basic amenities. As with the monastery itself there is no constant water source and water needs to be collected in buckets from a source below the hill. This is due to the inconsistency of the town water supply. In turn the toilet facilities are of minimum standard making for poor sanitation. The supply of power to the region is limited to a few hours per day. Some of the land surrounding the monastery and caves are lacking in trees and this is particularly noticeable in the dry season.

A proposal for the future of Maratika monastery and pilgrimage site.

Under the guidance of the current Maratika Abbot, Venerable Ngawang Jigdral Chokyi Wangchuk Rinpoche , there is a plan to further preserve the “Rime” or non sectarian tradition of Tibetan Buddhism by upgrading and improving the current status of the monastery and sacred sites of the region, and by ensuring the Sangha community are well looked after. This includes

1) Reconstructing Chimey Takten Choling monastery
2) Installing a small medical centre with resident doctor to serve the local community and pilgrims.
3) Building retreat huts for those intent on more intensive spiritual practices.
4) Upgrading the water facilities by installing a water tank with filtration unit which can collect the monsoon water run off whereby 5) providing a constant water source.
5) Ensuring there are adequate funds to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of the ordained Sangha.
6) Planting trees and medicinal herbs in the region to keep the environment green and Installing adequate toilets blocks for both Sangha and pilgrims alike.
7) Building a guest house with facilities to meet the growing need of visitors to Maratika, so that they can enjoy the site and engage in their own pilgrimages.

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