Long life & Wealth vase/Introduction


Maratika long life and prosperity vase


Maratika Long life & Prosperity vase

The “MaratikaTseyangBumpa” is based on a pure vision of Lha tsunNamkhaJigmé (1597-1653) as well as on the power of realization of the all-seeing JamyangKhyentseWangpo (1820-1892). This vase that helps one achieve both long life and prosperity is produced by means of Guru, the wishfulfillingRatnaTö-threng-tsel (a form of the Lotus-born), and a host of long life deities and wealth deities (including Jambhala and Vasundhara) who grant our every conceivable wish.

The treasure vase rids living beings of this degenerate age of poverty and want and, most importantly, pacifies the negative conditions that lead to untimely death. In the long run it also makes all living beings swiftly attain the deathless vajra state.

With these and goals of a related nature in view, the five chief articles associated with long life and prosperity, as taught in this specific scriptural source (a Mind Terma of PemaOsel Do-ngakLingpa, i.e. the above mentioned KhyentseWangpo), were gathered in India, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and in the former state of Sikkim, etc. The vase also contains ingredients such as different kinds of earth, stone, water, wood and medicinal plants collected from miscellaneous sacred places all over the world. It is fully documented that these were blessed for enhancing longevity and wealth by great masters, presided over by the Supreme. Refuge Trulshik (Rinpoché), Vajradhara in person. Moreover, the treasure vase contains some of the long life nectar and blessed ingredients gathered from the naturally formed vase of plenty (purna-kalasha) and from elsewhere at the Maratika rocky mountain cave, ritually empowered according to authentic directives. May the vase thus assume the role of an exaltedicon connected with the sacred spot, Maratika’s “Chiméy Takten Choling” monastery, a center for Teaching the Everlasting Deathless state. As all transmigrating beings are thus being connected with the splendor of all they could wish for in terms of long life and prosperity, may auspicious omens for the flourishing of the teaching and the happiness of those beings appear.
Prepared and consecrated at the supreme sacred spot of Maratika